Metal Roof Solutions

1 Prepare Surface:
Tighten or replace loose fasteners. Remove scaling rust and pressure wash to achieve a clean, sound roof surface.

2 Encapsulate Corrosion:
Apply Astec B -16-71 Rust Control specially formulated to neutralize and halt further metal roof erosion.

3 Seal Seams & Fasteners:
Caulk open seams, Reinforce all seams, flashings, and penetrations with high tensile strength fabric. Saturate with Astec WPM #9 Waterproof Sealer Seal Roof: Flow on Astec WPM #9 Waterproof Sealer over all areas of roof caulking, reinforcing fabric, and fasteners to create a watertight base for the final seamless Astec layers.

4 Apply Core Layer:
Flow on the first layer of Astec #900 Ceramic Finish for Metal Roofs. It provides a tough, weathertight, monolithic core layer, bonded over every square inch of the roof surface.

5 Apply Final Layer:
Flow on a second layer of Astec #900 Ceramic Finish for Metal. This final application will create a seamless, titanium-white surface of highly reflective, ceramic-embedded roofing that remains waterproof, pliable, and virtually impervious to airborne corrosives over years of hostile environmental conditions.


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Metal Roof Solutions
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