Single-Ply Roof Solutions

     > Restore & Improve Single-Ply Roofs
     > Creates a seamless, weathertight barrier
     > Stays pliable and weather tight in all climates
     > Withstands ponding water
     > Reflects heat and harmful U/V radiation
     > Surpasses R19 heat gain testing
     > Resists fungi and algae growth
     > Saves big temperature control and cooling costs
     > Greatly reduces wind damage risk
     > Improves appearance
     > Eliminates roof replacement expenses
     > Provides a 10-Year Renewable Warranty

The Single Ply Process

1 Prepare Surface:
Pressure wash the old roof surface to eliminate loose material, repair substrate, blisters, and cracks as needed. Clean all rubber surfaces with EPDM rinseable primer.

2 Seal Seams:
Reinforce all roof, vent, duct, and flashing seams and laps with high tensile strength fabric or BBT Butyl-back tape. Saturate with ASTEC Base Sealer #2000.

3 Prime and Seal Surface:
Flow on one or two layers of ASTEC Base sealer #2000 for Rubber. This bonding sealer applies as a fluid, filling all cracks, and curing as a seamless, pliable membrane over the entire roof.

4 Apply Core Layer:
Flow on the first layer of ASTEC Re-Ply #2000 Finish Layer. It will bond with the ASTEC Re-Ply Base Sealer #2000 and provide a monolithic core base for the final surface.

5 Apply Surface Layer:
Flow on the final ASTEC Re-Ply # 2000 Finish layer. The new surface will be a seamless, titanium white ply of a highly reflective roofing that is waterproof, pliable, and virtually impervious to airborne corrosives over years of hostile environmental conditions.


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